A Design By Diva
Charlotte RobinsonThe Diva

Seamstress, Charlotte Robinson have been sewing for the past ten years. She recently decided to share her unique style and talent with other Divas of the world by launching A Design By Diva. The disappointment she experienced with the selection and quality of clothing available in local department stores prompted her to start the company. A Design By Diva features designs that are specifically catered to women. In the future she plans to expand her brand to include clothing for male patrons as well as a jewelry line.

Custom rhinestone and screen print designed tees are the most popular for the DIVA's clients. Rhinestones and screen prints are perfect for cheerleading, bridal parties, girls night out, sports teams, not-for-profit organizations, fraternities/sororities, Mother’s day, family reunions, bands and more. Rhinestone and screen print lettering, custom logos, stars, shapes, and much more is offered. Rhinestone production takes about a week, but rush service is available if necessary (at an additional cost).

Contact the Diva to request a quote on your next project at adesignbydiva@gmail.com. Please provide any information and details required for your project. You will receive a response within 36 hours of your request.

The Mission

Our mission at A Design By Diva is we focus on all types of people. We believe that a person should be able to dress, look and act sexy regardless of size. We plan to help accent the features that you have with the look that you love.